The tales of Zach’s adventures take place on the world of Melodia, and there are many other musical worlds and galaxies in this musical universe… the Ariaverse.

But beyond the walls of this universe, through the narrative barrier of Zach’s homespace, exists a new frontier… the Extraverse. An impossible expanse of tight maze-like corridors that run between billions of thick skinned ‘bubbles’. These bubbles are all the other universes and if you’re flying the right kind of ship you can pierce these bubbles and find yourself in a brand new universe, entirely different from the next… the possibilities are endless.

The Birds live here, people who have fallen through the cracks, left their native universes and made a life for themselves in this ‘home sweet nowhere’, between worlds. The most common are the Cuckoos, displaced people who try to make a home for themselves in other universes. But then there are the Magpies, the Stormcrows, the Vultures… and the Nightingales, to name but a few.

Every story from Big Punch Studios takes place in one of these universes and as such, all have the same Extraverse waiting for them just beyond the veil. To read other stories set in the Extraverse and prepare yourself for the mightiest of epic crossovers in the future,  head to

It’s time to TUNE UP, DROP D and save THE EXTRAVERSE!