Before the actions of the dictator Lars Troubleclef, Melodia was a world at peace. A multi species world with no nation-borders or boundaries, but instead a populace of 4 tribes mixed evenly across all of its land masses. These 4 tribes, called Clefs, represent the member’s musical bents and styles rather than their politics or physical characteristics. They are distinct though and have something akin to unique cultures and traditions. Members of different Clefs often co-habit and visit settlements of other Clefs happily, but the idea of leaving a Clef and joining another is a point of contention. Generally, this isn’t done as Clef-members rarely feel the need, but it has happened in a small number of cases.



The Brace Clef is founded on scientific pursuit. Thousands of years ago their founder discovered the patterns inherent to musical notes and notation and learnt to generate specific pitches of sounds in different ways.
This knowledge led to the Brace Clef growing quickly to be the largest clef and the first choice for people who want to live a well-protected lifestyle with modern convenience and technology. The city choice. They predominantly use keyboards and electronic music.



The Altern Clef is quite the opposite of the Brace Clef, small and nomadic in many cases, inhabiting small settlements or villages. They are the most widespread of the Clefs however, and generally welcoming to people who wish to join their rural way of life.
Many enjoy the Altern Clef lifestyle as a way to be in tune with nature. They farm the ground they love on and are hands-on with the natural worlds. Their members consist of the greatest number proponents of the ‘Path of the Musikii’, Melodia’s main spiritual discipline.
The ALtern Clef is well known for their secretive defence training academies where they train the legendary ‘String-Ja’; covert operatives skilled in the use of Discord. The String-Ja is highly exclusive and is the reason behind the aloof and grumpy reputation the Alterns have.



The Tremor Clef is focused on the use of wind instruments. This is magic in the world of Melodia as the effects of Wind and Brass can be extreme and dramatic, without the need of complex apparatus. Simply knowledge, training and focus can unlock the Tremor Clef power.
The Clef’s lifestyle is one of meditation and learning. They study magical teachings and wisdom and although they are prepared with a small militia, ‘The Horagai’, aremd with conch-shell horns, they promote peace and prefer to settle differences without combat. Their huge mountain complexes and vast schools house many Melodians.



A Clef whose culture revolves around the industrial power and wild force of Percussion. Split into a strange dichotomy, the Trouble Clef is half barbarian tribal warriors living a basic life in caves and forests, and half an industrial engine city state of metal and rivets.
This city, ‘Sopranopolis’, is founded on rough, unpredictable Percussion technology. As such they have been left alone by the rest of Melodia, outcast, partly out of fear, partly out of snobbery. The perfect nation for Lars to mould into his own machine of war. They are desperate to be accepted by the rest of the world and Lars has promised them this… and more.
Percussion is raw power and the most dangerous of all the Clef disciplines. If a user of Percussion fails to keep time they will suffer a critical backfire. But what if they didn’t have to keep time anymore?